Can you help me apply? (FAQ)

What if I do not have a driver’s license or state ID?

Please enter your passport number or social security number if you do not have a driver’s license or a state ID card.

What if I have a fixed income or benefits?

Provided you have a steady income, fast loan lenders will probably be able to give you a loan. Enter your benefit’s provider’s information in lieu of an employer.

Where can I find my checking account numbers?

Your Bank Routing Number is the nine-digit number at the bottom left corner of your check.

Next to your Bank Routing Number is your Bank Account Number. Be sure to include any extra zeros.

The Check Number is far right group numbers following your Bank Account Number. It is usually four numbers. Be sure to include any extra zeros.

Do I need to fax any information?

You can complete the entire application process online however; your fast loan lender may need you to fax certain information to them.

How do bank holidays affect my loan?

Banks are closed on weekends and federal-mandated holidays. In such a case, your funds will available the next business day. The following holidays are observed:

If you have any doubt when your fast loan will be available, you should contact your lender directly.