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Consumers today have to deal with an unprecedented number of financial worries. Mounting credit card debt, a record number of foreclosures, home values which have plummeted, and a very sluggish economy and job market all add to the financial woes facing many Americans.

To make matters even more difficult, the banking/credit industry has severely tightened its lending practices making it almost impossible for the average cash-strapped consumer to qualify for traditional types of credit. This explains why so many people are actively seeking out other credit/lending markets to help them deal with their financial difficulties.

If this describes your situation, don’t despair. Every day, millions of Americans have to make important decisions concerning their money. Do yourself a favor and read over our advice section to learn some smart ways to deal with a personal financial crisis. There is a wealth of practical, commonsense information that can better prepare you to make the smart choice when handling your own situation.

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